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SEO & Reddit, Drive Traffic in Less then minute


Boost Web Traffic
Boost Web Traffic
Absence of website or blog traffic is one of the biggest and most common challenges. Many new blogger know very well about this challenges. You can hear about this challenges from many websites  owners. Many analytic report show that they are lost a notable percentage of their traffic continuously during the past year and blogger or website creator are frequently looking for new and effective ideas and ways to drive relevant traffic to their site.
Traffic to Your Website
Traffic to Your Website

SEOHere is the article about an attempt to give significant traffic blogs and websites owners to make their website with high PR (Page Rank). Here we also discuss actionable tips for getting traffic to your website or blog with better ways. These tips and tricks of SEO & drive traffic in less then minute and give highly positive results for you. You must be surprised when you look at the results and how these technique quickly works and starts to generate visitors.

Reddit  is  a  biggest  social  website  and  that  have  many 
features  and  one  of  them  is   called   post.  User  website 
link  or  url  in  the  form  of  link  submissions  called “posts”.  
A  popular   post   as   your   website   links   on Reddit  can   generate  thousands  of  views   with   in short time. 
See steps below and follow to learn how to post your own links.


First of all Join Reddit. Reddit requires that its users register and pick a username before they can post. Visit the main page of Reddit. You'll see a large, busy-looking list of posts with numbers attached to them, plus a row of links along the top of the page.
Join Reddit
Join Reddit
  • Locate and Click on “login or register” It's located in the upper right part of the home page.
  • Put all required fields in the left side of the window. You need to pick a desire and  username and a password, and type the CAPTCHA at the bottom before you can register. Here is no need of email address, If you want to give email address then you can.
  • At the end Click create account Button.


Post already exist or not. Reddit has millions of daily readers/visitors, and there's a good chance that the content you found has already been posted or not. Search your desire article. Keep one thing in your mind that If you post a link that has already been posted then your posted link will be deleted.

Click on "Submit a new link" or "Submit a new text post" for new post. You can create a new post through by clicking the buttons “Submit a new link” or “Submit a new text post” links on the right side of the window. Click "Submit a new link" if you have a website or blog for share. If you want to ask a query or make a statement, use the "Submit a new text post" link.
Submit Link or Text Post
Submit Link or Text Post

  • You can change option on the next screen.
  • If you are sharing pictures then keep one thing in your mind that your pictures available even if thousands of people open the your pictures.

Submit to reddit

Fill in the given field. Reddit provides options of field. If you're going to write a text post then you have to just fill the title box in and leave the main text box blank. if you want.
  • Click the suggest title button to automatically generate a title based on the article you are posting. This is only available for submitting an article.

Choose a Sub-Reddit

Choose a sub-reddit. Reddit is divided into user-organized sections called sub-reddits. Every post needs to get posted to a specific sub-reddit. Each sub-reddit has a unique name.
Choose a sub-reddit
Choose a sub-reddit
  • When you choose a subreddit, it's recommended that you have to pick from a list of the most popular subreddits. You also can choose your own.
  • Make sure you are posting to an suitable sub-reddit when submitting a link or test post. If the post does not match the subreddit's focus then it will most likely get deleted.

Submission Rules for the Sub-Reddit

Submission rules for the subreddit . You can find the rules about subreddit in the sidebar that appears on the right side of the your home screen when you open that subreddit. Submissions that don't meet the criteria (title format, content, etc.) will be deleted by the moderators. Each subreddit has different rules.

Submit Your Post

Submit post. Type in the CAPTCHA and just click submit in the bottom. Your post will appear on the next page. Sometime Your post not appear on the "New" tab of your computer browser. This is because some subreddits employ filters to keep spam out. Good posts usually get caught in the filter.

Track Karma

Track karma. Posts on Reddit are voted on by visitors to determine whether your post worth or worthless. If your post gets more upvotes, it will become more visible to  people. The karma score of your post is the downvote total subtracted from the upvote total. For example, if your post has 55 upvotes and 25 downvotes, it has a karma of 30.
  • Only link posts can get karma.

Cross Post

Cross post relevance to articles. If your post can apply to more than one subreddit, you can cross post it to other subreddits. After you post your article, create a new submission for the same article. Keep the same title, but add "(x-post from /r/subreddit)". Replace subreddit with the subreddit you posted to originally.

  • Change the URL to the submitted article's URL on Reddit so that the cross post links directly to the original post.
  • Be careful not to overdo it. If you cross post to too many subreddits, you will be viewed as a spammer and will most likely have your posting privileges suspended.

Post Original Content

Best way is to post original content. Reddit appreciates original content and ideas above reuse and the same old thing over and over again. Find something truly unique, and post it to the fit subreddits. You have a much higher chance of garnering lots of views.
Best Way
Best Way

  • Use the tag "[OC]" in your post to designate that it's original content created by you.

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