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How to Make the Perfect Facebook Profile Picture

Do your Facebook profile images (Display Pictures) always with no single like? Do you think that other people who get 100+ likes on their pictures and why you want to be click like button of other DPs? Well, now you can following these easy steps and make your Display Picture more effective and attractive.

Images For Home

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Image for Home
Select your picture. Pick up your ost favorite stock and do your makeup ideally. Make your hair perfect and wel dressed up. Also make sure to take the picture soon after all of this is done so your job won't mishandled.

Search a place for photography. Consider all things like the light sources, colors schemes of background and scenery. Natural source of light as Sunshine always works very fine if you don't want to look original.
Place for Photography
Place for Photography

Say to someone to take your photo, because very close photos don't really admire anyone. Also, make sure you use a nice professional or digital camera, don't use a shaky, blurry, camera phone.

Perfect DP
Take photos as more as you are satisfied with that picture on the screen of your camera and then copy it to the computer to begin the editing process through editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Some website like Picmonkey is a great website. Where you can Adjust brightness, remove red eye, whiten your teeth, and make your eyes bigger and bigger. If you want to use more functionalty then you can also use Adobe Photoshop Just make sure that your photo still look like natural, not fake. People will think you are just always this beautiful.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

If you feel that the photo is perfect, save it to your computer and upload it to Facebook. You might have to consider uploading it at a time where lots of people are online so they will like or comment on it. Home Home

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